Discover How To Eliminate Acne Quickly And Easily

Doctor shows an information on blackboard: acneAcne is a problem that can occur on any skin type. Acne forms when the hair follicles rupture and pustule with fluid (oil and bacteria) under the top layer of the skin. The answer to how to get rid of acne fast lies in keeping the skin free from oil and bacteria.

Well, that is just an overview of what to do; there is more that goes into treating acne. Bear in mind that come form of acne can be inflamed meaning a high presence of bacteria. Such case of acne needs a more tender approach when treating them. Here are tips on how to get rid of acne fast

The presence of oils and bacteria should be very minimal, which is a preventive and curative measure. However, boosting the body’s immunity is always the first line of defense. As such, giving the body what it need to fight infections is very necessary. Fighting acne and other skin related problems requires a good supply of vitamins and foods rich in minerals such and zinc and sulfur. Avoid foods that will add calories to the body.

Keeping the skin clean help to get rid of the acne problem. However, how the skin is washed needs to be in a manner that will not exasperate the condition. An ideal option would be to use oil-free face wash product, the best being those that contain salicylic acid. The acid is a strong antibacterial that is mild on the skin. The cleaning process will need the use of a brush or cloth to scrub dead skin off while also getting rid of bacteria. It is always good to use warm water when washing the face.

The skin response fastest to natural remedies that it can quickly convert into what it needs to fight off infections and diseases. One of the most effective skin care remedy known to have fast effects on acne is lemon juice. In fact, the lemon juice should not be diluted but applied as it is directly on the skin. After washing the skin, cover all the areas that have acne and let the juice sit for around six hours then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Oranges are also a good alternative. However, it is not the juice that will be used the orange peels rather. Rub the peels directly on the acne for around 4 minutes. Leave it for six hours and then, wash off with lukewarm water.

Another natural remedy that you can use to get rid of the acne fast is egg whites. Separate the egg yolk from the egg white and then apply the egg white on the acne. Leave it for five to six hours then wash it off with warm water.

Apple cider vinegar is also an effective natural remedy that helps regulate the skin’s PH balance. It kills bacteria and eliminates excess oil on the skin, keeping it oil-free. Just apply some apple cider vinegar directly on the acne and leave it to dry. You can wash after 4 – 6 hours.

It is important to keep all preventative measure at a constant even after the acne is gone. A good way of doing this is to use an antiseptic to help deal with any bacteria present on the skin. Pick products that have benzoyl peroxide, which is an excellent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.


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